Home Supplies

The Home Supplies Consultation Service builds on the needs for the client if they feel inadequately prepared to ‘shelter in place’ in the event of a disaster. After an initial assessment Disaster Guyz can generate an inventory, acquire the emergency supplies, and provide onsite storage/organization for the client. Since we know where to look, we can often get your supplies at better quality for less than you would independently!


Phase 1: Assessment and Inventory Generation

DG REP specialists work with the client to populate a list of emergency items to best suit their needs based on FEMA and Red Cross guidelines and the location of residence.  The client can then acquire the items themselves or proceed onto Phase 2.


Phase 2: Inventory Acquisition

DG will generate an estimate for time and materials, requiring half of the total as down payment and the remainder due upon delivery and/or installation. Once the downpayment is in place, DG will acquire all items on the inventory.  By default the items will be sent to the DG office and brought to the residence once total inventory has arrived, although alternatively the client can opt to have them shipped directly to them. The client can then choose to organize their inventory themselves or proceed to Phase 3.


Phase 3: Storage and Organization

DG will work with the client to assess the best storage space in their residence for the emergency supplies inventory, and then organize, label and walk the client through their inventory!