Home Inventory

Insurance companies recommend that homeowners maintain an inventory of the valuables in the home. In the case of a catastrophe, the inventory can be used to receive the highest possible insurance claim. Don’t settle for just a home inventory when you can have a Disaster Guys VDI!

boulder-flood-photo-1-9-12-13Documenting all of your valuables can be a daunting task. Even if you make a list, there is a chance that it could be lost in an emergency. Disaster Guyz Valuables Documentation Inventory (VDI) service offers an affordable, secure and easy way to maintain a valuables list in a secure place, that can easily be called upon should the need present itself.

For a modest yearly fee, we will store your list of valuables on our secure online database. Utilizing a complex security system, Disaster Guyz makes it easy to keep your list up to date and organized.

Creating an inventory can take hours, between recording all of the items and uploading images. We’re willing to put in the leg work for you! In addition to your subscription, we will send our bonded Inventory Specialists to your home. After a quick walk through, they will get to work populating your list for you. Once the inventory is completed, we will turn over all access to the inventory to you. When you configure your password, Disaster Guyz will have no access to your valuables list.IMG_8101

The Valuables Documentation Inventory can also be used to organize and record a variety of items that may be the target of theft. By utilizing our system, you can record the VIN and license plate numbers of your car. We also recommend keeping a complete list of firearms serial numbers, so that a stolen gun can quickly and efficiently be reported to the authorities. The VDI even has a donation function, so that you can record all of your tax-deductible charity contributions in an efficient, organized way.

Disaster Guyz VDI system is a very affordable, simple way to organize your sentimental and financial valuables, to give you the confidence to know that, in case the worst happens, you are ready.