Disaster Guyz is dedicated to helping people be prepared.

We want to share our knowledge with everyone, not just  those who are able to purchase our services. While DG can prepare you and your family with a minimum of involvement from the consumer, we understand the need to disseminate the important information that we deal with every day.

Our Resources page is here for you.IMG_0631

The preparedness lists and helpful links are the same informational and retail sites that we have used for our extensive training regimen, and to equip ourselves to respond to emergency. Unlike other sites, our staff have tested out the equipment and the recommendations. As we learn and grow, we will continue to update our resources page to bring the most up-to-date and reliable information to the community.

Because the sheer volume of information can be intimidating, we have organized our page into easy to navigate lists and web links so you can learn, outfit, and customize your survival gear to the highest standards of utility.