• Who are the Disaster Guyz, and why should I call them?

    The Disaster Guyz are a consulting firm based out of Boulder, Colorado. They are home emergency preparedness experts who have made it quick and easy for you to adequately prepare your home for disaster. Using time-tested methods and a fearless, rational approach, DG can prepare you to weather any emergency. Plus, they’re really cool.

  • What is an Emergency Preparedness Consultation (EPC)?

    Our Emergency Preparedness Consultation (EPC) is a chance to explore your individual concerns with our knowledgeable staff. When you schedule an EPC, our Specialists will tackle preparedness concerns that apply directly to you and your loved ones.

  • What is an Emergency Response Consultation?

    Our Emergency Response Consultation is an in-depth analysis of your preparedness. Our Specialists will work with you to give you the tools, knowledge, and peace of mind to respond safely and confidently to the disasters that are most likely to affect you. With this service, and a customized evacuation checklist and pre-packed bag, you will never be underprepared again.

  • What is a Home Supplies Consultation?

    Our Home Supplies Consultation will provide you with a customized supply of the items most vital to have in your home in the case of disaster. Our clients will receive a complete list of the ideal contents of their home emergency supply, and lots of understanding, helpful consultation as they go about preparing their home. Our Specialists are also fully equipped to obtain, stock, and organize supplies. It has never been this easy to outfit your home for any eventuality.

  • What is a Home Inventory?

    Using our Valuables Documentation Inventory (sometimes referred to as a VDI), a Disaster Guyz home inventory is a secure, easy way to document all of your valuable possessions. With a complete inventory from Disaster Guyz, you will have to tools you need to facilitate your insurance claims in case of whole or partial loss. Our bonded Inventory Specialists will populate your database for you, and by utilizing our high security servers, you can feel confident that your records are stored safely.

  • What is the Documents Vault?

    Our Documents Vault utilizes the latest encryption techniques to allow you to safely back up all of the most important documents in your life. From Birth Certificates to Wills, you’ll never worry about misplacing your vital paperwork again.

  • How Much Does Your Service Cost?

    Our Home Inventory VDI starts at $295 for most homes up to 4,000 square feet, and $395 for homes up to 6,000 square feet, including a 1 year subscription (only $35 per year after that). Consulting services are $45 per hour. There is a discount if you combine services. Annual fees for the Documents Vault are $49.

  • What is Your Service Area?

    We currently cover the Boulder/Denver metro area. There is a travel fee for more than 25 miles from our Boulder office. We are planning to expand to Fort Collins and Colorado Springs in the near future. Consulting services can be offered anywhere in the country, and Home Supplies can be organized and shipped directly to you.

  • How can I be sure that the data I have stored with DG is secure?

    DG has spared no expense in constructing an online service that has a security system comparable to any  you might find on the website of a major bank. By utilizing SSL certification, encryption techniques and multiple approaches to securing our data, DG has built a system that our staff uses with confidence every day.

  • Are Your Employees Insured?

    Disaster Guyz is fully insured and all of our employees are bonded for your protection. In addition, we conduct background checks on all employees. Disaster Guyz staff are safe and cool!

  • What is the difference between a GoBag and a GetHomeBag?

    A GoBag has been designed by our REP Specialists through hundreds of hours of training and experimentation. It contains the essential items that make it safe and easy to evacuate a disaster area. Our GetHomeBags are specially designed to make it easy for you to return to your home, and your home emergency supplies, in the event of a disaster.

  • What is the difference between a wilderness GoBag, and an evacuation GoBag?

    Evacuating to the wilderness and evacuation to a Relief Shelter require very different tools. Whatever your needs, a GoBag from Disaster Guyz will be meticulously suited to your requirements. Whether you want to evacuate to your wilderness outpost or your local FEMA shelter, GoBags have to tools that you need, customized for who needs them.

  • How do I prepare for the possibility of home invasion?

    Living defensively is a daunting task, but the more steps you take, the better equipped you will be if and when you do need to defend yourself. Disaster Guyz can help you to understand your home defense needs and point you to resources to help you better understand how to defend your home and loved ones. From Concealed Carry Weapon information to non-lethal home defense options, DG is ready to help you understand your concerns, and live with preparedness in mind.

  • Should I prepare for disaster in my area?

    No matter where you live, disasters and emergencies are a reality. By taking even small steps, you can make a huge difference in how you respond to potentially dangerous situations. The more preparation you make now, the better your situation when you need to use the skills you have cultivated.

  • How do I know what disasters are possible in my area?

    When you contact Disaster Guyz for an EPC, we will help you to understand which disasters are most likely in your area, and how best to prepare for them. Be realistic; the disasters that you have already seen are the ones you are likely to face again. What did you learn from them? How can you be better suited to respond? What other situations are likely to arise in your area? Disaster Guyz can be a great resource for these questions, but we do not know everything! Contact your local FEMA and Red Cross offices to better understand the disasters in your area. Then, let us know what you’ve learned by email or on Facebook. We are always anxious to learn new strategies and information!

  • Where else can I go for preparedness information?

    FEMA and the Red Cross are great places to start. Also, check out our Resources page for more excellent information.

  • Can DG help prepare me for the zombie apocalypse?

    Absolutely! We love to be ready for Zombies. No matter what concerns you the most, Disaster Guyz is here to help.

  • Where do I get, and how do I use my First-Aid Kit?

    Check out our Store and Resources pages for great deals on complete First-Aid Kits. Contact your local Red Cross Office and sign up for a nearby First-Aid/CPR/AED course. The curriculum will teach you the tools to administer medical help when people need it most.

  • Has DG staff ever used the materials they recommend?

    Yes. From field testing survival supplies to being first responders at multi-casualty incidents, DG staff prefer to get dirty in the real world rather than just recommend items based upon other’s reviews.