Home Inventory

Schedule an affordable in-home appointment with our specialists to document your valuables in our secure online system. Most homes only $295!

Home Supplies

Request guidance and support in outfitting your home for any emergency. We will even buy everything and set it all up for you!

Emergency Response

Gain the tools to evacuate with confidence. Disaster Guyz will prepare a checklist just for you, and can include a DG GoBag!

Disaster Guyz have provided our family with an important service.  They have documented the contents of our house, garage and sheds.  It has really given us peace of mind in this era of wildfires, floods and climate change.–Joe K., Rollinsville, CO

You gave me some very valuable info on preparedness that I had not thought of before.  I think a large part of the population is clueless when it comes to preparedness.–Penny M., Denver, CO

These guys were amazing and really helped us prepare for the next emergency situation that may arise.  Thought some of our neighbors might appreciate the service!–Kevin G., Boulder, CO

The Disaster Guyz were wonderful to work with.  In addition to being courteous and friendly, they were very knowledgeable about emergency preparedness and offered creative and practical solutions for particular environments and concerns.–Lee G., Golden, CO